GATEFORUM announces the launch of eTutor (recorded video lectures) for GATE. GATEFORUM’s eTutor gives you the access to view recorded lectures of some select topics bundled in a package based on its importance in GATE.

eTutor Features:

Features :

  • Customized Recorded video lectures (online) by expert GATE faculty.
  • Live Doubt clarification sessions on a fixed schedule.
  • Section Tests to help you practice application of concepts of every topic.

As the competitions is getting tough every year, Its important to plan your preparation smartly and get access to good quality video lectures to understand the concepts better.

Ideal for :

  • Students doing self- study.
  • GATE repeaters who wish to focus only on some select topics.

eTutor have been segmented in 3 categories giving maximum coverage of topics as per your requirement.

  • eTutor Max
  • eTutor Basic
  • eTutor Core

Description :

Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude, common to all streams, is worth 15 marks each. The GA section is designed to test your language and analytical skills. Many students leave these sections for last minute preparation thinking that they would be able to solve them easily but Maths and Aptitude sections should be given full and dedicated attention so as to get a decent score in the exam as they have 30% weightage which can make a big difference in your performance. Also good practice of Maths and GA questions while preparation saves time for the technical questions in actual GATE.
Expected Marks: 30
Total Hours : Approx 100 hrs
Fees: 3000/-

Streams & Topics:

Stream Topic
AE,AG, BT, CE, CH, EC, EE, IN, MA, ME, MN, MT, PE, PI, TF Engineering Mathematics-I
Engineering Mathematics-II
Verbal Ability
Numerical Ability
CS Engineering Mathematics-I
Discrete Mathematics
Verbal Ability
Numerical Ability

Description :
Understanding the basic concepts is the key for cracking GATE. GATE exam won’t test how much you remember but it tests your concepts and their applications. Understand the fundamentals and important concepts from basic topics which are essential to cover almost 40 marks will make you confident to take the GATE exam.
Expected Marks: 40
Total Hours : Approx 200 hrs
Fees: 8000/-

Streams :

Stream Topic
EC Network, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Control Systems
EE Network, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Control Systems
IN Network, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Control Systems
ME Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Design of Machine Elements,Theory of Machines, Vibrations
CH Process Calculations, Instrumentation, Process Control, Mechanical Operations, Plant Design Economics, Chemical Technology
CS Digital Logic, Compiler Design, Operating Systems, DBMS
CE Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Geomatics Engineering,Hydrology & Irrigation, Construction Materials & Management,Steel Structures,Foundation Engineering

Description :
Knowledge of Core Topics will make you get higher scores and top ranks. Once you have got confidence with basic topics problem solving, you should concentrate on learning the core topics and they are the differentiator for top rankers.
Expected Marks: 30
Total Hours : Approx 150 hrs
Fees: 8000/-

Streams :

Stream Topic
EC Electronic Devices, Communication Electromagnetics
EE Electrical Machines,Power Systems, Measurements, Power Electronics, Electromagnetics
IN Communication, Measurements, Process Control, Optical Instrumentation, Sensor and Industrial Instrumentation
ME Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Science, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing Science, Industrial Engineering
CH Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering
CS Computer Networks, Theory of Computation, Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Computer Organization
CE Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Structural Analysis,Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Concrete Structures

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