4 Reasons to Take That Mock Test before GATE-2018

“So, you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into GATE preparation. Those missed late-night parties, weekend funs, new movie releases – you are sacrificed it all just to get through GATE. Okay, maybe not all of it. Now, when the moment is here, at last, you feel like you’re forgetting everything that you’ve ever studied.

When these unfinished engineering students apply for competitive exams such as GATE and IES, they encounter the biggest nightmares of their life. The exams are designed in such a way that they do not just just test their eligibility but also their ability to analyze problems. Failing to score exceptionally well in these exams ranks them low on the quality border. Lack of credible choices would land them at yet another ‘college’.

Gateforum knows the importance of better engineers

  • Create a sense of real exam

One of the major reasons behind exam phobia is the sense of unfamiliarity with the setup and atmosphere. As mock tests are designed to simulate real exams, you soon start getting used to it. The more tests you take, the more familiar you become with those 180 minutes, the final timer as well as the fear of facing it. At the end, you feel less-overwhelmed.

  • Help you memories better and faster

So the exam phobia is sorted. But what about the huge syllabus? Studying General Aptitude makes you forget math and vice-versa. Psychology says that we tend to retain information for a longer period when we space out the learning process. As mock tests stimulate revision, it ensures a spaced out learning, resulting in better retention. Moreover, researchers have found that writing mock tests is often more effective than studying.

  • Help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses

Do you tend to spend more time-solving math problems because that’s what you like doing the most? Well, you are not alone. Balancing between your favorite subjects and the not-so favorite subjects can be a tricky job. But if you don’t find the balance right now, cracking GATE or any other entrance exam can be a distant dream. Mock tests give you a quick check about your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you understand which parts need more attention.  You get the chance to rectify and improve. And rectification starts with revision.

  • Get used to the online interface

The last thing you want is to fumble while using the Virtual Calculator. Trust me, a lot of people fail at that. Online mock tests give you the time to get accustomed to using such tools. You can’t really go to a war without knowing how to pull the trigger. Right? Most importantly, after taking 3-4 mock tests, answers to 3 vital questions become much clearer to you-

  • Will you be able to finish your paper in time?
  • Will you have enough time for a revision?
  • What strategy do you need to overcome your weaknesses?

What’s clear from this is that mock tests, if not guarantee success, take you closer to it. So what are waiting for? Jump right in!
All the best for GATE 2018!
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