The world needs ‘BETTER’ Engineers

‘Better engineers’

“In India, you become an Engineer first, and then figure what to do with life,” The statement, unfortunately has acquired the importance of an axiom. A country that produces over 15 Lakh Engineers every year, only a handful of them are employable. The unbridled growth in colleges with no regard for quality has caused a scenario where the percentage of qualified engineers has come down. The baffling situation of Engineering education demands that the world needs more engineering, ‘BETTER’ Engineers.

When these unfinished engineering students apply for competitive exams such as GATE and IES, they encounter the biggest nightmares of their life. The exams are designed in such a way that they do not just just test their eligibility but also their ability to analyze problems. Failing to score exceptionally well in these exams ranks them low on the quality border. Lack of credible choices would land them at yet another ‘college’.

Gateforum knows the importance of better engineers

It is to deal with the hijacking of the ‘Engineering services’ that students take up competitive exam courses. Hundreds of engineering students enroll themselves in GATE courses every year, so as to prepare themselves for what could define their ‘statuses in the society. This is where we come in, Gateforum. A team consisting of post graduates of IITs and IISc, we know the importance of ‘better’ engineers. We take the responsibility of providing GATE aspirants with world class preparatory tools packed in our GATE course. The aim of our GATE classes is to do what traditional form of teaching fails to do, make technical subjects interesting and easy for students.

Instead of urging students to follow the traditional pattern of accepting and revising, we organize our Study materials in such a way that they learn to derive, comprehend and analyze problems. Gateforum, through its course aims at eliminating the major reason behind the decline in quality engineers, lack of curiosity. We teach our students not to be afraid of failing, and to get up every time they fall down. Our aim is to allow students to test their improvement level with each GATE mock test they take. The GATE online test series by Gateforum, enables to have an idea of what is approaching them.

Better engineers make a better world

Our Intensive Classroom programme Plus (ICP Plus) covers the entire GATE syllabus, beginning from concept building to intensive problem solving. In order to churn out the best from our students, we make the classes highly interactive. Along with physical study materials, we provide our students with extensive online study materials. Apart from four Monitored tests, we conduct ten extra edge tests, in order to make our students sure of themselves, and rectify their earlier errors.

It isn’t just GATE, our initiative to produce better engineers is also conveyed by our courses for
Engineering Services Examination (ESE) aspirants. Considered as one of the toughest examinations in India, we help nurture young engineers with an aim that they become capable of serving under the required departments of the Government of India. The IES Live course constitutes of 250 hours of Live- Internet based courses. Phone and chat interaction facility enables students to approach experts at any time of the day.

With our world class facility and Gateforum scholarships(GIFT), we aim to make our small contribution towards fostering the importance and brilliance of Science and Engineering. The world, we believe, has the tendency to become a better place, with better engineers.

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