Online TarGATE Plus is an Online GATE test series, which includes an online assessment module and monitored GATE tests. It provides practice in high quality GATE questions with comprehensive comparative analysis that provides AIR, Percentile, Score, section-wise performance analysis etc. With Online TarGATE Plus, You get all the features of Online Test Series, along with the Score Maximizer module which includes Monitored Tests that are practice tests conducted in exact GATE-like conditions.

Online TarGATE Features:

Online Test Series

  • 6 Self-Administered & Scheduled Tests covering entire GATE syllabus with Detailed Performance Analysis (All India Rank, Percentile, Score, section wise analysis etc.) after each SAT
  • 40 Section Tests covering entire GATE syllabus
  • 40 unit tests covering partial section syllabus
  • 4 MTs
  • 6 EETs
  • Video Discussions of previous year GATE Question Paper
  • User interface and pattern is very similar to actual Online GATE (with numerical and multiple choice questions)

Important Note:

Self Administered Tests: Each Self Administered Test will have a scheduled start date and end date. The results of each test will be computed after the window period of that particular test. After the window period, a test can be attempted but a detailed performance analysis like All-India Rank, Percentile; Score etc will not be given (only total marks scored, Number of correct & incorrect answers, section wise marks scored etc will be given if a test is attempted after the end date).
Monitored Tests: MTs (Monitored test) will have to be taken in a particular slot at a venue allotted by Gateforum. MTs (Monitored Test) can be attempted after the end date but the rules remain the same as for SATs (Self administered Test)
Section Tests: will not have any end date. After attempting the section tests, marks scored, total number of correct & incorrect answers will be given.
Unit Tests: Unit tests cover partial sections and can be taken from any computer via internet.
The results of the Extra Edge Test will be updated every week. Therefore you can take the tests anytime according to your convenience and still get your All India Rank, Percentile, Score etc.
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Computer Science Engineering (CS)
Electronics & Communication (EC)
Electrical Engineering (EE)
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
Civil Engineering (CE)
Chemical Engineering (CH)
Biotechnology (BT)

Fees: Rs 2500

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