M.Tech – Master of Engineering or Master of Technology degree is a postgraduate program in engineering or technology field. This is generally a 2 years specialization program in a specific branch of engineering. Students with master degree are offered core jobs which are undoubtedly much more satisfying, intellectually as well as financially. Let us explore why these courses are a very lucrative career options in India. This will help you know better about why you should consider an M.Tech Admission.

Better and more meaningful job profile
While the IT industry is the prominent sector driving the employment boom, the job profiles and abilities required are primarily generalist in nature. More often than not, there is no differentiation in the job profiles being offered to the recruits based on their qualification. Hence, these jobs do not do justice to the knowledge picked up by a student during his/her undergraduate studies. Masters students, however, are offered core jobs which are undoubtedly much more satisfying, intellectually as well as financially.

Research and Development opportunities
Almost all global technological companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, AMD, Intel, SUN Microsystems, General Motors, General Electric have shifted a significant portion of their R&D activities in India. These research establishments recruit ONLY Masters or Doctorate students for these jobs. Furthermore, GATE is a prerequisite for eligibility for CSIR labs in India for the Junior Research Fellow program, after which you can pursue your PhD in any good university. To do a PhD in the best institutions of the world, you need recommendations from IIT and IISc professors. So M.Tech in these institutions is in a way a gateway to acquiring a PhD in the best institutions of the world.
Entrepreneurship as a career

Worldwide, a lot of technical companies trace their origin and evolution to the research labs of universities. Companies like SUN Microsystems, Google, Yahoo, were conceived at various university campuses. Back home in India, companies like Strand Genomics (voted as the Technological Startup of the Year, by World Economic Forum, Davos) evolved out of IISc campus. There are various other examples where a number of IIT/IIScians have started their own companies based on the technical foundation obtained at IITs/IISc. A large percentage of Indian software companies have been founded by IISc/IIT postgraduates. A list of IIT/IISc alumni who have done it big includes N R Murthy (M.Tech IIT Kanpur) and Sudha Murthy (M Tech, IISc Bangalore), Mr. Ramadorai (CEO of TCS, M.Tech from IISc Bangalore).

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