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Online TarGATE

Online TarGATE provides an All India platform with students giving the Mock GATE Test in over 65 cities across India. GATE is today one of the most popular exams in India with about 8.89 Lakh GATE Aspirants for GATE 2014 distributed across 21 streams. It helps immensely to know where you stand compared to your competition, namely, other GATE aspirants.

Online TarGATE – All India Mock GATE Test Series for GATE 2015, is a series of Section Tests and Full Length Tests which provides a comprehensive assessment module for GATE Aspirants.

A complete online assessment module for GATE Aspirants  the Online TarGATE provides the students with flexibility of giving the tests at home and getting the score and performance analysis sitting at home. GATE is completely online for All streams and hence we have the Online TarGATE with all the 77 tests completely online .

Online TarGATE Features

  • 13 self administered Full Length Tests taken online.
  •  4 monitored tests to be attempted at GATEFORUM designated computer labs.
  •  60 section tests taken online.
  • User interface is similar to actual Online GATE
  •  Questions include Multiple Choice & Numerical Answer type

Full Length Tests starting from 22nd Sep 2014

Important Note: 

  • Each self administered FLT will have a scheduled start date and end date. The results of each test will be computed once after the end date of that particular test. After the end date, a test can be attempted but a detailed performance analysis like All India Rank, Percentile, Score etc will not be given (only total marks scored, Number of Correct & incorrect answers, section wise marks scored etc will be given if a test is attempted after the end date).
  • 2. The monitored FLTs will have to be taken in a particular slot at a venue allotted by GATEFORUM. A monitored FLT can be attempted after the end date but the rules remain the same as for self administered FLTs.
  • 3. Section tests will not have any end date. After attempting the section tests, marks scored, total number of correct & incorrect answers will be given.

II. Extra Edge FLTs: 

  • 3 additional self administered FLTs to be taken online.

Important Note:

  • The results of the Extra Edge FLTs will be updated every week. Therefore you can take the tests anytime according to your convenience and still get your All India Rank, Percentile, Score etc.
  •  With the inclusion of the extra edge flts, the total number of flts for the package becomes 20.

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III. Power Pack:

  • Video lectures of Engineering Mathematics and General Ability
  • Video discussions of previous GATE papers

FAQ’s for Test Series

Monitored tests – The students are required to give the computer based test at our venues in the presence of an administrator similar the actual GATE environment.

Self Administered Tests – The students can attempt the tests online on a computer using their own resources.


View Screenshot of performance analysis of a Full Length Test of the Online Test Series here. ( Click on the image to view full size )

Overall Performance Analysis
Progress Report


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