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eTutor FAQ’s


I don’t see all my lessons.

Lessons are getting uploaded one by one. Please be patient while we upload all our lessons.

Is there any limit to the number of times that one can watch a particular video or module?

No, there is no explicit limit to the number of times a student can view eTutor lessons. However, the total time for the entire set of lessons is regulated and restricted by us in such a way that it is normally sufficient for one person but not sufficient if the user ID is shared. In general the time available is more than sufficient to view all the lessons and do a revision of many lessons which you think you must repeat.

How are the doubts cleared of the persons who are enrolled for online classroom coaching?

Doubts are cleared through online discussion forum at You will have to register and request membership of “Enrolled Students Group”.

How much time does it take to receive the user id and password?

Give us 10 working days after registration to give you the login and password.

How is time tracked on my lessons? Can I see the remaining time?

Time is set to approximately 300 hours to start with. You cannot see it now, but we may enable it later. Time is tracked from the time you login to the time you completely logout. So please make sure, you completely logout of the site when you complete your lessons.

Can I rewind the lessons, if some part is missed?

Of course you can. The lessons are completely flexible, and you can view them anytime you want, rewind, replay etc. with ease as they all come with video player controls with play pause and status bars.

Can I take only particular topics of my choice?

We have not enabled it, but we do plan to do so at some point of time. Keep yourself updated by registering at our website for etutor info.

All files on the left menu are not uploaded

If you can see a lesson name on the left side menu, it is uploaded and active. We are not uploading a lesson name if the corresponding file is not available. Please check your internet connection.

Ideally, once you click, wait for about 60 seconds for slow connections before you start playing the file. When you click on the left menu, the file takes some time to load on the (right hand side) window if your connection is slow. If your connection is very slow, especially less than 100 kbps or if you are sitting in a cybercafé, please allow some time for the file to load. Once the file loads, you should be able to play it continuously.

What softwares do I need to play eTutor files?

You just need a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Initially if you are unable to play the lessons, it will automatically give you a message – plugins missing. You can click your way to install your flash plugin.

Are eTutor videos available on CD?

eTutor is not available on CD. It can be accessed from any PC where you have internet access.

Can I download the eTutor lessons?

Downloading of the eTutor lessons is not enabled. You have to see it online.

Is the entire GATE syllabus covered in eTutor?

Yes. A chapter typically covers the theory, problem solving and GATE Questions in the past.

Browsers that support eTutor content

Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Do I have to download additional plug-ins to view the eTutor lessons?

A basic flash player plug-in is required, which will run flash for your website. If the video does not play, you will automatically be redirected to the relevant website.

Is the coaching provided in eTutor same as Classroom Coaching?

The number of hours provided in the classroom coaching is the same as that in eTutor – around 200 to 250 hours, but the basic difference is the interactive nature of the classroom. In eTutor we try to take care of that by two methods :

  • The faculty tries to cover general doubts raised by the students in actual classroom coaching based on his experience.
  • If the student has any doubts, he can discuss the same in our online discussion forum
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