GATE picks out the best Engineers in India by testing students’ understanding of Engineering undergraduate subjects.


The Engineering Services Exam tests eligibility for recruitment into the Indian Engineering Services.

Intensive Classroom Program

For Perfectly Planned Study. Our flagship program, the ICP delivers interactive, high quality training designed to yield the best results in the GATE exam.

Online Test Series

For Pure Practice. Practice high quality questions and assess yourself online with a comparative birds-eye view on performance indicators like All-India Rank, Percentile, Score, Section-wise Performance Analysis etc.

Distance Learning Program

Invaluable study, right at home. Get the best of both worlds with a blended course that combines self-learning with high quality video lectures & study material.

Live Online Classes

Access Live Online Classes by expert faculty. High Quality study material  and Gdrive (an SD Card with digital content), Along with Online Test Series.




AIR-10 / IN GATE 2017
As I joined GATEFORUM online test series. The test provides a lot of questions to solve from different subjects which helped me to clear my concepts. The best thing about test series is that it will teach u time management which is most important thing for Gate exam. It really helped me to increase my speed and accuracy. After giving around 20 to 25 tests my silly mistakes were also reduced. Apart from all of this, the test series also provides All India Rank among all the aspirants providing a competitive environment and tells you in which place u stand in the crowd. If one wants a good rank in gate exam, I will strongly recommend enrolling in GATEFORUM courses.
Divya Deepak Siramwar
AIR-9 / CH GATE 2017
I had enrolled for online targate test series. The unit and sectional tests helped me build up my concepts. The percentile score, air and sectional analysis provided after each test helped me to analyse and improve myself.
Vishal Vivek Saley
AIR-7 / CS GATE 2017
I opted for GATEFORUM distance learning program. These books allowed me to prepare the syllabus specifically for gate. These books provide me the view to how solve a problem in gate by providing proper explanation to variety of problems. Also i got g-drive. The video is lectures, for me, acted like guides whenever I was stuck at any point in syllabus. The lectures are crisp clear with in depth explanations.
Pinal Rana
AIR-6 / PI GATE 2017
I took the GATEFORUM classroom coaching. The guidance provided by teacher & level of teaching was excellent. Due to their continuous motivation I was inspired and read more so I could get good marks in gate.
Rishabh Garg
AIR-6 / CH GATE 2017
I had enrolled for intensive classroom program of GATEFORUM in august 2016. The program had helped me in strengthen the core subjects and had also helped in concept building and problem solving. I would like to recommend the students for classroom program as it will help you dedicate your time required for cracking gate, you can also go for Distance learning program and online test series provided by coaching centres like GATEFORUM. But if for some reason you can’t go for classroom program then you should definitely go for test series because the test reflects the actual pattern and level of questions asked in gate and they will also help you in determining your weaknesses and strengths in each subject on which you can work on before appearing for gate.
Ishwar Dutt Sharma
AIR-5 / CH GATE 2017
As I only have experience of online test series , time bound practice in a silent place(which gives real exam like feel) and then analysing your paper and finally noting down the mistakes you are doing so that in next attempt you rectify them is always a key to prepare for a competitive examination. Video solutions were there for questions in mock tests. I can suggest aspirants to go for it as it provides a large platform for gauging your progress and the level of competition expected in the final exam.
Harsh Gupta
AIR-1 / CH GATE 2017
I enrolled for classroom programme of GATEFORUM. Actually i got an idea on which area and topic’s i have to focus. And what kind of questions are asked in paper. Those who have started preparation late and have only few months left like me, then GATEFORUM would be of great aid. The clasroom environment is great and competitive. The faculty is good and concept taught is of gate level.
Naveen Thaduri
AIR-1 / IN GATE 2017
I enrolled in online test series provided by GATEFORUM, which I should say is the best one to follow during gate preparation. Each test follows by relative performance analysis provided which helped me improve in my weaker areas. I would recommend every gate aspirant to enrol with GATEFORUM for your bright future.
Ameya Dravid
AIR-2 / BT GATE 2017
I enrolled in GATEFORUM test series. I found that the tests were designed to make us understand our limits, and then keep pushing to make ourselves better. Also, the results to these tests gave a detailed account of predicted ranks, strong areas and concepts that i needed to work on. GATEFORUM has established a pattern of success in the past few years, and has been producing toppers consistently. I myself enrolled because the 2014 BT topper had enrolled for test series. Not only that, they have engineered a support system that help students in need. Their test series were instrumental for my success in gate, and I would suggest that students enrol for test series for optimal performance in gate.
Shubham Bansal
AIR-2 / IN GATE 2017
GATEFORUM is best coaching institute in India, their eGATE program is only one such program in country which enables you to attend classes from any place. , and the test series is very good. After test, you can view the answers, note down important points. One can also discuss questions in community. It also helps in improving test management which is most important thing in gate.
Aamir Faisal Ansari
AIR-3 / CH GATE 2017
I have enrolled for GATEFORUM online test series and I would recommend GATEFORUM online test series to everyone. As it helps one to become familiar with actual gate environment. It offers virtual online calculator which is very necessary to save time in exam. After test, you can view the answers, note down important points. Most of the questions have got video explanations too. Not only this, it helps in proper time management which is most important thing in gate.
Ravi Shankar Mishra
AIR-3 / CS GATE 2017
I enrolled for online targate test series of GATEFORUM. The mock tests were very close to the actual gate paper. Mock test helped me to improve my time management and accuracy. Test series also pointed out the topics in which little more clarity was needed from my side. I liked the tarGATE test series. The questions were pretty straight forward and were not unnecessarily complicated. All the gate topics were amply covered in the questions of mock tests. The topic wise performance helped me to judge my weak areas and work on them. I was able to reduce my silly mistakes and improve my time management.
Kunal Chelani
AIR-4 / CS GATE 2017
I joined the classroom program by GATEFORUM at Jaipur center and I feel that the content delivered by the experienced faculty helped me to prepare the most important topics. GATEFORUM is the place where the faculty will keep you motivated in a very positive manner and i think that is the most crucial thing for gate preparation. The content in the study material and the online test series is also very appropriate for gate.
Shah Vrajeshkumar Snehalkumar
AIR-5 / IN GATE 2017
I enrolled for GATEFORUM online test series which help me to practice gate kind of environment and competition. Test series has fixed schedule so it motivate me to finish that particular test in a fixed week. I can analyse my performance after each test and figure out which subject i need to revise or which kind of question should be asked in gate. It helps me a lot in preparation of that subject then. Students those aspiring for gate I can suggest you GATEFORUM test series and it’s coaching. Test series fees is economical and it help me improving my speed and accuracy. Also analysis after test is really help me to improvise my strategy towards subjects.

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