3 Latest Innovations by IIT Students Which Will Inspire You to Be a Better Engineer

Beneath the dreams of every aspiring engineer lies that one pure passion – to change the world through innovations. Every engineer is an inventor who acts as the driving force behind making earth a better place for tomorrow. From formulating live-saving drugs to building cybersecurity, engineers shape the way for humanity and improve human life since time immemorial. When it comes to innovations, students from IITs never cease to surprise us with their most ingenious inventions. Here are the latest three inventions by 3 IITs which will inspire you to become a better engineer.

  • SleepDoc by IIT Kharagpur

SleepDoc is that one innovation which has recently brought the students of IIT Kharagpur them Grand Prize award of the prestigious Accenture Innovation Challenge. SleepDoc is a wireless device that can help people with sleeping disorders. This wireless sleep assistant can monitor
sleep pattern remotely and through its intelligent voice-interactive system can suggest necessary changes to the user.

SleepDoc’s live data monitoring system can also track a human heart and its breathing rate. If there’s an alarming sign, this device can also send alerts to the nearest doctor in the vicinity.

  • Jamun seed-made water purifier by IIT Hyderabad

As the world is facing severe fresh water scarcity, all we need is a cheaper water-purifying solution. It seems the students of IIT Hyderabad have the right answer as they have invented a process that’s innovative, inexpensive, and most importantly, sustainable. The team has developed an activated carbon from Jamun seeds that removes fluoride from drinking water down to a level which is acceptable by WHO.

Besides, the students of IIT Hyderabad has also developed a green solution using orange peels to recycle polystyrene and Styrofoam. This can be the most inexpensive way to remove oil-spill on a large scale.

  • Compact bio-inspired robot by IIT Madras

Think about a solution that will put an end to the agony manual scavengers have to face every day. A spokesperson from IIT Madras was quoted saying, “Unlike other robots, propulsions in a bio-inspired robot are due to flapping of fins and not motor movement. This unique feature
makes the robot survive in very harsh environments. From clearing a blockage in sewage pipes to detecting wear and tear, this robot can do it all.” From inspection of septic and sewage to cleaning the lines, this robot is designed to perform it all.

So, what’s that one dream which you’d want to change or improve with your innovations? Write in the comment section below and move one inch closer to your dream today.

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