Gdrive Installation Process

  • Ensure the Computer/Tab you want to install Gdrive is connected to internet.
  • If you want to install on PC – Insert 32 GB SD Card in to card reader provided in this pack, Now plug card reader into a USB port and open the Gdrive folder – Install setup file (Gdrive.exe)
  • If you want to install on TAB – Insert 32 GB SD Card into SD card slot and open external storage – Install setup file (Gdrive.apk)
  • You will be required to enter Login credentials, which you must have received in the welcome mail from “”
  • After successful login, student will get “my books” screen in which all the books assigned to student will be downloaded automatically. Click on each & explore

GDrive, is a SD memory card provided by GATEFORUM , which contains the following:

  • 400+ Hours of Video Lectures covering entire GATE Syllabus
  • Comprehensive e-study material in PDF Format
  • 20 Section Test, to be taken in offline mode.

GATE Online, is an option to view recorded video lectures Online, which contains the following:

  • 400+ Hours of Video Lectures covering entire GATE Syllabus (Same Videos in comparison to Gdrive)
  • Comprehensive e-study material in PDF Format


Features Gdrive GATE Online
Mode USB Online
eBooks Yes Yes
Validity 600 / 900 Hrs 600 / 900 Hrs
Device Restriction Yes (Limited to Single Device) No ( Can be accessed from anywhere)
Internet Usage Limited Based on Viewing

Notepad, calculator can be accessed. Hence, please save all your open document work before accessing Gdrive.

The content for Gdrive / GATE Online is for the number of hours you have chosen at the time of enrollment 600/900 hours or a period of 2 years from the date of enrollment, whichever occurs earlier

Windows 8 and above, Android 5 and above will support Gdrive. Gdrive will not work on XP, Vista, Macintosh, Linux or any unauthorized versions of windows

No, it is not possible to install it on more than 1 system

Incas of Gdrive even if you copy, you will not be able to access the content without SD memory card.

If you format your computer, you will not be able to access Gdrive. You need to contact Student Support Centre at 040-44664243 for reactivation.

Yes, you need to enter your login credentials, while installing Gdrive. You will have to enter these login credentials only once. Refer your welcome mail, you would have received after your enrollment was complete.

Note: Student portal login credentials are different from the Gdrive login details. Your Gdrive user name will be “GF – Roll Number”

Yes, you will need Gdrive every time to access the content. Hence be careful about not misplacing it.

Yes. A good internet connection would be required, As books icon will be downloaded from portal.

This process will authenticate you as a valid student of GATEFORUM. This will ensure continuity of services. You will also get updates, if any.

Click on subject icon and then select “Table of Content”. You will see Lectures, Test & eStudy Materials. Click on each & explore.

Make sure that Gdrive is inserted properly. If required remove it, reinsert and restart the system. If this doesn’t seem to solve the issue, contact our Student Support Center.

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